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Free games from the depths of the Internet

When I feel like procrastinating, I usually start playing something fun, or silly, or weird, or awesome... and most of the time, I choose short-ish free games found online. I know not many people watch me, but if you have some favourite indie games that can be found/played online, I'd love to hear about them! You can never have too many good games. Here are some of my faves, have you played them already?

Knytt and Knytt Stories

God I love these two! Simple platformers with great music and colourful graphics. <3 I love the lack of "enemies" in the first game, it's so peaceful and fun, but Stories is very nice, too, and there are billions of levels available! I like Nifflas' levels the most, though~


Another platformer, it starts as a cute little adventure, but turns more and more frightening when you go on and on... I suggest you first play this when alone at night. ;P Oh, and there are two different endings!

Tengoku no tou - Tower of Heaven

This has like the most beautiful soundtrack ever! Love the graphics, too~ This can be played through in just two or three minutes - that is, if you're good enough! It took me quite some time since my reflexes suck. 8D I'm still too afraid to try a speedrun because I'd fail so much.

Syobon Action

If you haven't played this, now's the time! Yet another platformer that looks kind of like... Super Mario Bros! So similar, yet so different. C8 I love playing this, especially stages two and four! This, just like Tower of Heaven, you can complete in a few minutes if you're good enough. ;P But, if you're playing for the first time...
Btw, I made my own version of this (just editing the sprites etc.) called Awesome Action. :D For some reason, I've grown to like it even more than the actual game, haha.

Today I Die

Awesome soundtrack again, and a beautiful poem (and two endings)! I like this guy's work a lot, you can see more on his site. If you have the time, I suggest checking out Night Raveler and the Heartbroken Uruguayans, Storyteller and I Wish I Were the Moon. <3 Simple, great games.

Now, list your favourites, I want something new to play! >3