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I got my Pokemon White in the mail today and already found my very first shiny... TIMBURR. 8D OUT OF ALL THINGS LOLOLOL <3


I liek memes - New Year's Resolutions

In 2011, rypeltajaroll resolves to...
Stop drawing with distant_cry.
Put fifty video games a month into my savings account.
Find a new rockman.
Ask my boss for a glaceon.
Keep my vulpix clean.
Find a better pokemon.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

... FIND A BETTER POKEMON?! D: Better than Vulpix? Impossible!


Dear Santa

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In May I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). Last Saturday I bought porn for ambertdd (10 points). Last month I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). In August I gave denkimouse a Dutch Oven (-10 points). Last Thursday I signed my organ donor card (28 points).

Overall, I've been nice (39 points). For Christmas I deserve a Sony Playstation 3!


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Can't wait to get my PS3. xD


Sep. 25th, 2010

Hi guys I changed my username. FINALLY.


Heehee I has a Julie.

Sorry for the ugly blurry shot. 8C My team consists of Julie the Harderria, Blue the Futachimaru, Mascot the Shimama and Bobo the Baoppu~ I also have a Choroneko named Milka but I'm not going to use her because I want to use Zoroa when I find one. xD

This is so much fun! <3 FUN, I TELL YOU.

Best September

I love September! First, the new Pokemon games are coming out tomorrow, and the new Tales of Symphonia The Animation episode will be released on the 23th! <3 The official OVA TOS site already had the first ten minutes up, so of course I watched it... AND I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE DAMMIT

... The ToS Bonus episode, "Who is the culprit? Miss Refill as a detective!" seems like an awesome short episode, too. Refill is one of my favourite characters, so I'm really happy she gets her time in spotlight... even if it is only in the bonus episodes that have nothing to do with the actual plot! xD


Fangirling is so much fun. I wish I had someone to fangirl with.


OMG, it's Julie, she's back from heaven. ;______; <3 ... Well, almost:

Best 5th gen 'mon so far. DOGGYDOGGYDOG

This is so funny btw, because I kind of thought there wouldn't be any OMGMUSTHAVE Pokemon this time... I've been excited about the games & new Pokemon but I didn't expect anything this awesome.

Cat ramblings

Phew, it sure has been long five days! The new kitten arrived on Saturday evening, and man, I was completely wrong when I thought Milka would love the new kitty and Chester would be sulking.

This new kitty was very curious and cheery right from the beginning. Milka, on the other hand, just hissed when she saw him, and took off. Chester was curious, but Milka had scared the poor little kitty so he didn't let Chester come near him. Well, even a not-so-good-start is a start, right?

Milka kept hissing and growling at him whenever she saw him, while Chester made friends with him in just a day. It didn't take too long for Milka to accept him, either, she stopped growling on Monday... but yeah, from Saturday to Monday it was pretty exhausting, trying to make sure Milka wouldn't hurt the little guy if he got too close (he got more and more confidence all the time, especially since Chester was so nice to him).

But yeah. Everything's great now. Couldn't be any better, should I say? C: The little guy loves to chase Milka around, and in return, Milka chases him. She just doesn't seem to understand he's just a kitten, so she can get a little rough when playing, and I have to go stop them. It's so cute when they run around like crazy, though. xD <3

I've also had a REALLY hard time thinking of a name for him. When I got Chester, I knew he was a Chester right when I saw him. He looked just like a little Chester (but now he's a big XBOX HUEG Chester). Milka also got her name almost immediately. It was an easy choice. But this new kitten? Nothing. I kept looking at him, going through babynamesworld and other sites, but nothing. There was no fitting name for him. Until today. He is now known as Nikita. Niki or Nicky for short. :D I love that name, it fits really well. Chester, Milka, Nikita. I like the sound of that!

I'm so happy. <3 *will be posting some photos when I get to take some good ones*


... I'm getting my third cat. Tomorrow. YES, TOMORROW. I just heard about him this morning and I'm getting him tomorrow. No shit. This is the craziest thing ever. One should never - and I really mean never - take a pet in a whim. But you know, this was the kitty's only chance to get a decent family. He would've gone to a way worse family otherwise, and tomorrow is our only chance to get him.

I WISH ME LOTS OF LUCK. Because no one else will.

I wonder how Chester and Milka will react. I would imagine Milka is like 'OMGYAYIGOTANEWTOY' while Chester probably goes sulking somewhere, just like he did when we got Milka. They'll most likely be jealous, too.

To make things worse, school starts on Monday. The poor kitten will have to be all alone a lot :< I won't take a chance and leave him with Milka and Chester yet. No way.


Lucky gets~

Doesn't it feel great when you get something REALLY awesome for a REALLY reasonable price? <3 I have had some awesome eBay luck this summer. I've been buying Symphonia-related books, all the following are from the same eBay seller. :D

I bought this OVA artbook in late June, for a nice ending price of $7, instead of the usual $30! I received this in early July, and I looooove the pretty art! <3 Can't wait for the next part that'll cover all the art stuff for Tethe'alla episodes.

Late July, the seller had this novel set for BIN, for $26 instead of the usual $40. I was feeling cheap and sent them an offer of $22, and got me some books. :D Yay, these should come in any day now! I mostly bought them for art, as I'm terrible at reading kanji. Maybe I'll try studying more so I can actually read these someday.

And this morning, I scored this complete set of five manga volumes! :D They cover the whole story of Symphonia~ ... Though there's a sixth volume with many extra stories - hopefully I'll get that someday, too. The seller has had this set for BIN for $60, but this time they put it up for auction. I was being an evil sniper, and put a max bid of $28! Got them for $22.50, so it's $4.50 a book. Happy~

I'm feeling great. <3